The octagon:
Evangelism will take on a new perspective as you learn to discover the "person of peace" in various situations and how the process works from God's perspective. The eight-sided octagon illustrates how to seek out people who will be receptive to hearing and responding to the Gospel. You can discover these "people of peace" through presence (simply modeling the way Jesus would act and speak in a given situation), passing relationships (talking about spiritual things with people you happen to meet once or twice, such as a person sitting next to you on an airplane), permanent relationships (praying for your family and close friends to come to Christ and watching for the right opportunities to discuss faith with them), proclamation (proclaiming the Gospel at special events like weddings or funerals), preparation (planting seeds of faith by helping people think about their spiritual journeys, even though they may not yet be ready to harvest a decision for Christ yet), power (praying for God to display His power by intervening in a person's life, such as by healing a sick person), and perception (asking the Holy Spirit to help you discern people He wants you to reach in various circumstances).

Adapted from The Passionate Church: The Art of Life-Changing Discipleship, copyright 2005 by Mike Breen and Walt Kallestad. Published by NexGen, an imprint of Cook Communications Ministries, Colorado Springs, Co.,   


When Mike Breen was rector and team leader of St. Thomas' Church in Sheffield, England, he used LifeShapes to grow the church into the largest one in northern England, with 80 percent of the members under age 40. Now on staff at Community Church of Joy in Glendale, Arizona, and as a teacher for Fuller Seminary in California, Mike helps church leaders in transition and coaches church planters on how to be effective in our contemporary culture.


Walt Kallestad is senior pastor of Community Church of Joy in Glendale, Arizona, a church with more than 12,000 members. Walt has authored several books, including Turn Your Church Inside Out and The Entrepreneurial Faith. A popular speaker/teacher on church leadership and church growth, Walt is passionate about helping today's churches transition from program-driven to relationship-driven, mission-minded communities.