In other words, the resurrection of Jesus says, “Don’t wait for heaven. I want you to experience and participate in my healing presence now. I am here, in this world and for this world. I am in the briarpatch. Won’t you join me?” If Jesus came to heal the world, it makes sense that we would find him amid the bristles and barbs where people are scratched up and bleeding, where healing is most needed. If we want the fullness of Jesus’ resurrection presence in our lives, we cannot be afraid to admit that we struggle and get lost in the tangle of suffering, doubt, and discouragement. Yet we cannot be afraid to step into the thorny thickets of our world because that is where the Savior of the world does some of his best work. And he invites us to join him.

[1]  Some people believe that the term “gay Christian” is an oxymoron—that it’s not possible to be both gay and Christian. But if the blood of Christ doesn’t extend to everyone who calls on the name of the Lord, how can we say it covers us in our own fallenness?

*This Article First Published 2/20/2013