Eva Marie:  It’s a tough job, but somebody’s gotta do it. And then comes nighttime!

Linda:  Yes! We wrap ourselves in blankets like tacos and watch "The Lucy Show" and chick flicks. It's a wonderful time.

Eva Marie:  Thank you Linda for talking with me about our book!

Linda:  Wait! I want to talk about another character very near and dear to the book, a character I sometimes refer to as Eva Diva, but mainly known as Eva Marie Everson, my co-author and friend. Eva's genius has certainly shone in the pages of this creation and so have her characters.

Eva Marie:  (Blushing) That’s sweet, but I think YOU’RE the genius! (laughter) Let’s just say that the six women of "The Potluck Club" are the real geniuses and hope that our readers will have as much fun with reading them as we did writing them!

Linda:  But, Eva! They’re real! They’re not just some characters we made up!

Eva Marie:  Oh. Oh, yeah! You’re right!

For more information about The Potluck Club, to form your own Potluck Club book club or to join PLC’s recipe club, please visit www.PotluckClub.com.  Be sure to read “The Rainbow Story.”

Linda Evans Shepherd is a nationally and internationally recognized speaker, the radio host of the nationally syndicated radio feature, "Right to the Heart," a TV host and an award-winning, prolific author.  She speaks to those who want to laugh and draw closer to God and each other.  Linda has authored fifteen books, including "Intimate Encounters With God" and "The Potluck Club."  Married for 26 years to husband Paul, Linda has two teenaged children, Jimmy and Laura.

Award-winning national speaker Eva Marie Everson is a recent graduate of Andersonville Theological Seminary.  Her work includes the upcoming "Sex, Lies and the Media" (Cook) and "The Potluck Club" (Baker/Revell).  She can be contacted for comments or for speaking engagement bookings at