Later that evening, I attended an incredible Christmas carols presentation in an ornate church in the South Kensington district of London. With candlelight, choral presentation and the retelling of the Christmas story, it was a highlight of the trip that put me right in the Christmas spirit.

My Last Day in London

As the old saying goes, “All good things must come to an end.” And I still had a lot to fit in the last day. First stop? One double-decker red bus ride to Notting Hill. With the most gorgeous parks, antiques and atmosphere, I spent most of the day wandering around and taking in the view. Although I never found the house with the blue door from the movie that made that area famous (which I later found out was painted red), I picked up a few souvenirs (including my very own “Mind the Gap” keychain) before venturing to Big Ben and a few other touristy locales. While I didn’t get to see a big theater production like I hoped, an art museum or the Beatles’ Abbey Road tour, my first brush with British life was nothing short of extraordinary and gives me plenty to look forward to when I head back.

But more intriguing than all of the scenery, however, was my introduction to British culture. With a  shadow cast over the city, spiritually speaking, like the gloomy weather that’s almost a daily fixture, you won’t find Jesus fish on the backs of cars, Christian bookstores or hear dc talk and Jars of Clay on a Christian radio station. But what you will find is a gracious, intriguing group of people who tend to live life with a very tongue-in-cheek approach and a great sense of humor.

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