So 18 years from now, I can’t even fathom that I would still be making records, but I guess I at least intend to still be creative in some way. And I expect I’ll be a grandmother, maybe even of teenagers by then. I would like us to have fulfilled a couple dreams that I haven’t done yet. One is that I would like to ride a horse over the Continental Divide. And I would love to do a biking tour of Italy — and I don’t mean Lance Armstrong style; I mean Katherine Hepburn style!

Like They Love Her

We asked some of Christian music’s finest to share their perspectives on Amy Grant and her influence on their lives.

“Amy’s songs tell of someone who loves God and is searching for Him at the same time, one who holds on to faith and still has questions. Someone who, like most of us, is banking on grace as her only hope. Love, loss, faith, insecurity, joy, repentance — it’s all in there, and I can relate.” — David Phelps (solo artist and one-fourth of the Gaither Vocal Band)

“Amy is the real deal. They don’t come any deeper of soul, heart and talent.”  — Bonnie Keen

“One of the things I love most about Amy is her generous heart. She has a peace about her that puts you at ease. She is such an example to me — how to be a strong woman of God, how to really care for people, how to truly journey with the Lord. But I think my favorite thing about her is how refreshingly normal she is.” — Bethany Dillon

“Amy shared something with us once that we will never forget. She said that as artists, God gives us a window of time in which to make an impact and to never take that time for granted. Those words have really stayed with us over the years.” — Sam Katina of The Katinas

“I had the great honor of touring with Amy in the fall of 2003. By the end of the tour, I was convinced that she was one of the kindest, most gracious and most humble people I had ever met.” — George Rowe

“When I first started out as a writer in Nashville, I could never have imagined that Amy and I would become songwriting partners, that I would tour with her, that I would one day have the opportunity to produce songs for her and, above all, that we would become friends. And isn’t friendship really the greatest hit of all?” — Wayne Kirkpatrick
“There is a realness about Amy that remains unflinching. Every time we’ve spoken, it’s been as though I was the only person in the room. There have been quiet lessons in her eyes, in her candor of speech, in her warmth that emanated from within. That kind of genuine heart cannot be manufactured ... and it’s an example to me that stretches far beyond her platinum record sales.”
—Joy Williams

“Helping Amy have an impact on a generation of young people will always be a fond memory for me. She’s always been the same — a pleasure to know and work with. What an amazing woman. I pray there will be many more young artists like her in the days to come.” — Stan Moser, former Word executive who signed Grant in 1976

“In the late ’80s there was a huge influx of amazing American music into Britain, and Amy was at the forefront of that. The album "Lead Me On" raised the bar for everyone who wanted to make great sounding records filled with brilliant songs. Amy will always connect because she loves people.” — Martin Smith of Delirious

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