During those difficult times, Camp talked to countless people in search of answers. One pastor asked if he’d prayed, believed and done everything he could, which, of course, he had. The pastor then remarked that Camp could take heart because if God took her despite all his pleas, He definitely had a reason. Camp reflects, “It really made sense. I found rest in knowing that God sees the beginning and the end, and there really was a reason why.”


The 26-year-old now finds himself on the other side, as people traumatized by cancer come to him looking for answers. His response? “You literally have to take it a day at a time. You say, ‘God, I don’t know how I’m going to get through tomorrow or even the next hour, but I need the strength.’ You have to rest in the fact that God is a big God, and He’s in control. God didn’t make this happen, and it’s not punishment for anything. It’s simply something God has a reason to allow.”


While Camp delivered a heartfelt tribute to his late wife with "Stay," his new release, "Carried Me - The Worship Project" (BEC), offers powerful praise and worship inspired by the “valleys” he’s overcome. Remarkably, Camp is already in the studio again, and fans can expect his next rock album in the fall of 2004. It’s still a little while in the making, but Camp already has a title in mind.


“I wrote a song for the new album about what God has done in my life,” says Camp, who hits the road with Newsboys and Rebecca St. James in April. “With how much God’s shown me and expressed in my life, I’m thinking about titling the album after the song. It’s called 'Restored.’”


In the meantime, he’s focusing on the next chapter of his life as well as his worship album’s release. "'Carried Me' is like a breath of fresh air for me,” says Camp. “I’ve been through this hard time, and now here’s a worship album to express how grateful I am for all that’s happened since.”


And quite a bit has happened in the months and years since his wife’s death. This rocker made a grand entrance into the music industry with his 2002 debut. "Stay" yielded such radio hits as “Understand,” “Take My Life” and “I Still Believe,” the latter of which made the "WOW Hits 2004" (Sparrow) collection.


On top of that, the singer/songwriter married former The Benjamin Gate lead singer Adrienne Liesching last December and recently moved back to Camp’s home state of Indiana. Camp and Liesching met in the fall of 2002 as tour mates on the “Festival con Dios” tour. Liesching, who seriously sprained her ankle early in the tour, limped around on crutches; and Camp introduced himself to offer encouragement. Recalling what happened next, he says, “We talked about what God was doing, and I saw her grow spiritually on the tour. Pretty soon, I was looking around for her and wanting to see her all the time. I eventually started liking her, which was something I really couldn’t deal with at that point. I had all these guilty feelings because of Melissa.”