For a time, Camp tried to distance himself but soon realized he had to move forward with his personal life. He continues, “After the tour, we started talking a lot and getting to know each other really well. I started feeling that God brought her into my life. Early last year, we ‘knew’; and we got engaged in April.”


But it wasn’t all roses, as the couple faced some unique challenges in their relationship. For one, Melissa’s story makes up the major part of Camp’s testimony; and, despite all the circumstances, even the most spiritually strong female might feel insecure hearing her boyfriend praise his late wife each night. “When we first started [dating], it was difficult for her to hear how amazing Melissa was,” admits Camp. “Adrienne said, ‘Melissa was so amazing, and I don’t feel that I’m that amazing woman of God.’ I just assured her that she is. I love Adrienne, and her heart has been an encouragement to me. Really, it’s not even an issue. She loves what God is doing through my past experiences.”


It’s those past experiences that Camp celebrates on "Carried Me" as he returns to his roots as a worship leader. Despite the industry trend, "Carried Me" - which includes Camp-penned originals, songs written by friends and reworked standards - is not a worship album born out of marketing meetings. In reality, the singer originally signed to BEC Recordings to do a worship album, namely the label’s next installment in the “Any Given Day” series. However, as Camp started working on the project, the label decided to pursue a multi-album deal and opted to release "Stay" first.


“I’ve done worship all my life, whether in concert or in church; and people always asked me to do a worship album,” says Camp. “I put a lot of passion into this album because it’s something I’ve always loved.”


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