“When you’re in your early 20s, most people think, ‘Oh, if I could just travel and have fun,” Jeromy says, “But something happens in your mid-20s when you start to crave a home church and an inner circle of friends that you can really confide in.”

The late 20s hits, the 29-year old Jeromy explains, and the importance of community-building is just magnified. “You’re so scared your whole life of becoming an adult; then you get into your 20s, and you start to want to live like an adult. You start to want that normality,” he says. “We don’t have that.”

Though “normal” is still a foreign concept, FFH seems to be inching closer. Smith says all the changes have demonstrated to the group how much more to life there is than FFH. “We’re entering a new season,” he says optimistically. “We’ve come back around, and we’re enjoying it more than ever now.”

Boggs agrees. “Some years are exciting; some are harder — like this past year. But when you consider the course of things and when you see how God is placing things in your life, you realize that He’s moving you to this point because He knows what’s coming up.”

Despite their limited future forecast, all members agree that they’ve finally come full circle. “In ‘91, when we were starting, we couldn’t have stood up onstage and done it live like we do it now; we wouldn’t have been able to,” says Jeromy. “It really is 10 percent talent and 90 percent hard work. It’s learning how you grow together, play together, pray together and learn about each other.”

FFH credits a solid foundation rooted in Christ as the glue that’s held them together through the natural flux of life. Boggs explains: “Teaching that there was power in Jesus’ blood was an important thing for us at the beginning of our career. We made that statement of faith with our first record, "Power in the Blood." "Still the Cross" is an echo of that. Our mission is to reach as many people for Jesus as quickly as we can ... and that’s the reason we still make this music.”

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