"Open Wide This Window" comprises songs the pair worked on over the years. “Tonight (I Want to Live in Your World”)” stretches back to a demo Byrd was shopping to labels around the time of the first "City on a Hill" album. Another, (“Everywhere I Turn”), relates to the sense of God’s presence Glass had during a retreat. “It was one of those rare experiences when you really see God everywhere,” she says.

They write frequently. Their home in a Nashville suburb is a creative place, with a studio, lots of art and a cat named Baghera who keeps a watchful eye. Byrd likes to write outdoors (Glass kiddingly calls him “nature boy”), and so she got him a hammock that hangs on their back porch. Life, for both, seems quite blessed — and tempered by reality.

"I think this is a record of hope,” Byrd says. “We are being worshipful, but we’re also saying that we’re not naïve. We’re not just putting on a happy face and going, ‘Oh, isn’t it great when we worship Jesus?’ No, we live in a fallen world. There’s tension living in the light of redemption.”

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