When the arts and artists begin to integrate into a church, that congregation becomes more complete and mature because the Body of Christ is operating as it should, with each part and gift building up the other. (Romans 12:4-6) (See Notes 8).

There is a renewal of the arts– a New Renaissance—that God is activating at this time in history. He wants to restore beauty, creativity, imagination and transcendence to their intended purpose, His glory.  A reintegration of the arts into the Church and infusion of spiritually inspired art into the culture is underway and God is inviting you and your church to take your place in it.


  1. See a growing list of churches with Arts Ministries at http://TheNewR.org under, “The Arts in Your Church” , “Church Arts Ministries”
  2. For more information, ideas and resources go to The New Renaissance Rising at http://TheNewR.org.
  3. Revolutionary Leadership by Tri Robinson is a good book to read and pass on to arts leaders.  See this article: Embracing the Arts in the Church: Pt. 2 for ideas on how to integrate the arts and maintain a standard of quality.
  4. Arts Survey available at http://TheNewR.org in “Materials and Ideas”.
  5. See the book Finding Divine Inspiration (http://FindingDivineInspiration.com) for more on leading artists to hear God’s voice.
  6. “Prayers for the New Renaissance” provided at http://TheNewR.org in “Material and Ideas”.
  7. See “Materials and Ideas” at http://TheNewR.org.
  8. See this article, “The Arts and the Maturity of the Church”.

J. Scott McElroy is Founder and Director of The New Renaissance Rising, the author of Finding Divine Inspiration: Working with the Holy Spirit in Your Creativity (Destiny Image) and Director of Arts at Vineyard Community Church, Indianapolis, IN. He blogs at http://jscottmc.wordpress.com.  Reach him at: Scott@TheNewR.org.

Jessie Nilo is Director of Church-Artist Connections for The New Renaissance Rising, Founder and Director of VineArts, the arts ministry of Vineyard Boise Church. VineArts operates with a team of 13 leaders that facilitates arts workshops, mission trips, outreach, studies, a gallery and more. Their permanent studio is open weekly and provides space for the visual arts, writing, culinary arts, film, and design. Reach Jessie at : Jessie@TheNewR.org.  

Publication date: April 5, 2011