Do what’s right – not what’s popular. Don’t be distracted by the varied opinions of church members when you’re deciding how to invest your time and energy. Always seek God’s direction through prayer. Remember that you serve God alone. Be willing to step forward courageously whenever God calls you into action.


Gain confidence. If you struggle with low self-esteem, realize that Christ’s sacrifice at the cross has made it possible for you to share in His righteousness. Know that when God looks at you, He sees a beloved child who is infinitely valuable and worthy of His love. Don’t hide your pain from others; share the broken places of your lives with trusted friends who will help you heal and grow to see yourself as God sees you. Ask God to use difficult experiences to mature you.


Find lost people. Don’t believe that you’re not gifted for evangelism. Understand that Christ has called every believer to spread the Gospel message, and He wouldn’t have done so without equipping everyone to do it. Make sure your own personal faith is growing and you’re not simply riding your husband’s coattails to God. Keep your thoughts focused on what’s true and positive. Confess and repent of sins that are holding you back in life. Pray for opportunities to share the Gospel naturally, clearly, and wisely with people you encounter in everyday life. Keep the Gospel’s biblical emphasis on the importance of a relationship with Christ, rather than debating religious points. As God makes you aware of people who need to find Him, be intentional about sharing His love with them. Give God your fears, and have faith that He will bring about good results from your efforts.

Build a strong marriage. Respect your husband and his work as a pastor. Honor his commitments to people in your church. Share a healthy sex life with him. Teach your children to love Christ and respect Him as your husband’s ultimate boss. Don’t share your marriage problems indiscriminately with others in your church. Instead, seek help from a trusted church leader or a professional counselor. Feel free to develop close friendships with trustworthy people in your church and. Don’t be too hard on yourself or your husband; realize that you each are human and can’t be perfect. Rely on God’s help to continue to mature in your faith and in your marriage.


Work with God rather than for Him. Don’t just look to your own desires or the opinions of others when deciding how to serve God. Instead, work with God by asking the Holy Spirit to direct your efforts. Know that when you let God take the lead, He will use both your strengths and your weaknesses to make your work more fruitful than it ever could be apart from His direction.