Mobilize other women in your church. Help other women in your congregation see how God can meet their need to be loved, to belong, to make a difference, and to feel adequate. Mentor them and encourage them to confront their anger, pain, and fears honestly and pursue healing. Forgive women who have hurt you and ask God to help you love them with an agape love that expects nothing in return. Teach other women to seek God’s timing and leading before making decisions. Practice hospitality regularly to build genuine friendships with the women in your church. Expect criticism as a natural part of being in the spotlight as a pastor’s wife. Instead of reacting defensively to criticism when it comes, humbly ask God what He wants you to learn from it, and keep relating to difficult people with a positive attitude yourself.


Love your community. Ask God to give you a compassionate heart and make you aware of the needs He wants you to help meet in your community. Strive to surrender your will to God’s will on a daily basis. Be sensitive to the Holy Spirit’s leading and follow through when you sense He wants you to act to help others in any given situation.


Maximize your ministry. Make regular Scripture reading, meditation, and study a top priority. Eliminate distractions and time-wasters such as spending too much time watching television, surfing the Internet, or talking on the phone. Invest significant time and energy into building a healthy family life and healthy friendships. Remember that you can’t please everyone, so don’t even try. Instead, just be yourself and do your best to please God.


Adapted from Free to Soar, copyright 2005 by Global Pastors Network. Published by Regal Books, from Gospel Light, Ventura, Ca., 1-800-4-GOSPEL,     

Free to Soar presents inspiration from speakers at the Free to Soar Pastors’ Wives Conference, including: Kay Arthur, Vonette Z. Bright, Lois I. Evans, Diana Hagee, Gayle Haggard, Anna Hayford, Bobbie Houston, Serita Jakes, Carol Kent, Beverly LaHaye, Donna Mullins, and Togetta Ulmer.