As anti-American riots and murderous attacks continue to erupt across the Middle East, America’s response will be dictated by a man that few Americans really know — Barack Obama.

It’s time to change that.

A new movie, 2016: Obama’s America, is doing just that, breaking box-office records in the process. Who would have thought a documentary, in the midst of a tight economy, would draw record crowds to America’s theatres?

But a documentary is a story, and this one has a compelling message, and it's been my honor to help promote it. Americans are flocking to the theatres to learn the truth about Barack Obama — the man — and at the influences that have shaped him and the worldview that now threatens our children’s futures. Rising to number three in box office receipts last week, 2016: Obama’s America also has leapt past all but one of liberal film-maker Michael Moore’s heavily-promoted liberal documentaries and now holds the number two slot on the all-time list of political documentaries.

What’s the film’s message? That Barack Obama’s ideology, his mindset, his dreams, and his perspective on America inevitably reflect the rabid anti-colonialism of his Kenyan father and radical mother. As a result, from his student years on into adulthood, Barack Obama has purposefully sought the counsel and mentorship of five men known for their Marxist perspectives, anti-American rants, and, in the case of Bill Ayers, their terrorist activities here in America.  

These are the forces that have made Barack Obama into the man he is today.

Portrayed by the press back in 2008 as a thoughtful scholar and coalition-builder, the Barack Obama of 2012 stands on stage as a brazen, big-government liberal with a socialist bent, whose rallying cry now depends on class envy and government dependency. Worse, as 2016: Obama’s America shows, he welcomes America’s loss of power and prestige on the world stage. Similarly, he has overseen a precipitous drop in America’s military might, spinning it as a path to reduced international tensions.

What happened to the president who, in 2008, was going to usher in a new era of peace the world over, of friendly relations with rising Islamic theocracies, and non-partisan politics at home?