Q.  What moos and floats in the ocean?
A.  A cowbuoy.

Q. Do turkeys have good table manners?
A.  No! They always gobble up their food.

Q.  What kind of trains do pigs ride?
A.  Ham Track.

Q.  What kind of bird will make fun of you?
A.  A Mockingbird.

Q.  What kind of crazy bird yells, "Polly wants a cracker" when it jumps out of an airplane?
A.   A parrot-trooper.

Q.  What are skunks in the Air Force called?
A.  A phew good men.

Q.  A seagull flies over the sea. What flies over the bay?
A.  A bagel.

Q.  What do you get when a cantaloupe and a Lassie dog have an offspring?
A.  A melon-collie baby.

Q.  How does an elephant get out of a tree?
A.. He sits on a leaf and waits for the fall.

Q.  First Ant:  Why are you running across the cracker box?
A.  Second Ant:  Can't you read? It says here, "Tear across dotted line."

Q.  What grows down as it grows up?
A.  A duck!

Q.  What happened when the canary flew into the electric fan?
A.  Shredded tweet.

Q.  What kind of fish do Saint Bernards like to eat?
A.  Holy mackerels!