"Bovinaphobia is not a new phenomenon," says Bovine Civil Rights advocate Ben Wagenmaker, "but people are now finally starting to wake up to its impact on society."  Mr. Wagenmaker is the president and founder of PFBAB (Parents and Friends of Bovines and Bulls), and is actively working towards changing society's perception of bovine-orientation. 

"Many people somehow believe these creatures actually chose their bovine orientation, but the reverse is actually true.  Their orientation chose them.  That's right, people.  They were born that way - they had no choice.  Who are we to say that our circumstances make us somehow better than they are?  And we're not talking about mere segregation here.  People are going after these creatures, and killing and eating them. 

"We are currently lobbying Congress to pass bill C0938, which would make anti-bovine speech a crime under current hate speech legislation.  The facts of bovine orientation should be taught in our schools at the earliest stages.  Their civil rights will be protected by law very soon, and we soon hope with our Hollywood connections to have at least one bovine character in all popular movies and sitcoms.  Please, people, support tolerance and peace.  Don't support bovinaphobia, hate or bigotry.  And drink green milk - it's better for you."

On the extreme right, other grassroots organizations are springing up, such as the PPM (People for the Purity of Milk) and AMP (Americans for Milk Purity).   But these are merely signs of a long-since bovinaphobic society unwilling to accept change, according to pro-bovine advocates.