1: Kitty-cat now has several new cords to play with.

2: Each new piece of hardware or software somehow interferes with EVERY other currently setup hardware or software - forcing you to spend days on that "will take 1/2 hour to install" upgrade.

3: This fabulous new program that you just bought takes up 20Meg of hard-drive space.  The product is always packaged on 360K floppy disks, uncompressed - all 60 of them!!

4: Disk #59 of the above -always- has a problem and aborts the entire installation process....

5: You learn how unreliable the electric company really is just before you save your 15-page document.

6: You've found you have purchased something that takes more of your money than the grocery bills....

7: ....this is offset by the fact you spend all of your time in the "computer room" now - so you never eat anymore anyway.

8: The most exercise you get anymore is flipping through the new computer catalog or for a visit the local software outlets.

9: The electric company starts sending you 'awards' for making the "top 10 fastest moving meter needles" list....

10: ...the phone company does also soon after you buy a modem.

11: A month after buying that new "state of the art" system, you see an advertisement for one that costs less and does more!

12: That "state of the art" system can't balance your checking account to agree with the bank's statement.

13: You begin to wonder why you didn't just buy a Nintendo like all of the other people in the neighborhood....

14: All that happens when you drop-kick the computer across the room in disgust is you hurt your foot.  You wind up in the hospital where you don't have access to the system and for about three hours (only) you are happy about it....

15: The people at work avoid you and you hear rumors about, "that person who 'points and clicks the mouse'".

16: The few people at work who -don't- avoid you, consider you to be a "computer genius" and want you to advise them how to solve all of their computers problems and/or go to their house and do it for FREE.

17: You realize that all of the computer programmers have rigged the games which you've bought to always let the COMPUTER win.

18: Your spouse, kids, pets, etc. -ALWAYS- know right where to find you if they need you.....

19: ...so you end up buying a Nintendo anyway, to give THEM something to do so they will leave you alone!

20: Before long, you find your spouse, kids, pets, etc. have now abandoned the Nintendo and have taken over the computer.  You no longer get to be in the "computer room", but have decided it's not so bad playing Nintendo!  The only bad part is when the spouse, kids, pets, etc. get tired of the computer (in    about a week), you'll lose the use of the Nintendo and have to go back to using the computer!