Lisa and Brad got married. Lisa decided to be a nice little wife and made and packed Brad's lunch for him to take to work. The first day Brad opened his lunch box and found one tiny little sandwich. Not really more than a mouthful, sad to say, and he was hungry the rest of the day. That evening when he got home, he told Lisa that it hadn't been enough.

Next day, Brad opened his lunch box to find *two* sandwiches, but STILL they were tiny things and he heard his stomach growling for the rest of the afternoon. Once again, that evening he asked Lisa to please put more in.

Brad found *three* sandwiches the following day, but he's a hungry boy and once again was not satisfied. Another talk with our Lisa was needed.

This time, though, she got annoyed about it. She'd been trying very hard to please Brad and he just wasn't being very appreciative of her efforts. So she took a whole loaf of bread, sliced it in half, and make a great big sandwich out of it.

When Brad opened his lunch box the next day, he rolled his eyes and sighed, "Oh no. Back to one sandwich!"