Keith watched, spellbound, as the speck of light grew larger, larger still, and then began to take on the form of a spacecraft.

He had returned to the back yard one last time before retiring for the night, allowing his terrier, Champ, the necessary run.

As the  ball of light descended to the ground, Champ ran forward; as the portal opened and the 'being' emerged, Champ's barking became yet more vociferous.  And then, in a flash, the alien reached down, and in one swift movement, plopped the little animal into his mouth!

When Keith came to, he was surrounded by lights and cameras. The first words he heard were,

"This is Karen McMahon, reporting live for Station KJHZ from West Springfield.  It appears the local resident who may have seen the spaceship from up close has regained consciousness.  Sir, how do you feel?"


"Ha, ha, ha.  Glad to see you've maintained a sense of humor. I mean, are you physically okay?"


The director moved the live feed to Camera Two because for the next five minutes, all questions from the reporter were met by a blank gaze from Keith, who sat there, shaking his head, and could say only. . .

"Alien ate it."