Some time back, my cousin, Steve moved to a new apartment. Steve had a business commitment out of town that weekend and so I and my three brothers all chipped in to help his wife move the furniture. The new apartment was on the third floor. We hauled everything up the three flights of stairs and around the tight corner through the kitchen put them where they belonged.

Finally, we came to the large couch. After hauling it up three flights to the top of the stairs, we discovered it would not go around the corner through the kitchen. We took it back out into the hall and turned it and tried again. It still wouldn't fit.

Finally all of us boosted the couch from the back of the truck up the side of the building. From the third floor, we passed the couch up and over the railing of the tiny balcony and in through the sliding doors into the living room.  We all col- lapsed on the couch to catch our breath and made a pact that we would not tell Steve how we got the couch into the apart- ment. "The next time he moves," we conspired, "he will have to figure out how to get the couch out of there on his own. It will be our little secret.  He will have to take a saw to it!"

As luck would have it, Steve found a place he liked better about three months later.  It really was a busy weekend at work, and none of us were available to help move.  We waited eagerly to hear from Steve but there was nothing.  Finally, after several days of waiting, I asked Steve, "So, did you get everything moved OK?"

"Sure," he replied.

"Did you run into any problems?"


"Now, wait a minute, we had to drag the couch up the outside of the building and haul it over the railing! How did you get it out of the living room? It didn't fit through the kitchen!"

Steve looked at me with total disbelief and said, "Geez, you idiots, the legs unscrew!"