My wife asked me to replace an electrical outlet in the utility room over a weekend. I tried this with a two-year-old underfoot.

I got the materials and started the job. I took the old fixture down, and began putting the new fixture together. As I was screwing in the wires: red to red, black to black, I noticed my garage door going up and down.

So I took the wires off, and again the garage door went up and down. I thought, now what have I done? There must be a short somewhere. So I checked the breaker box, but nothing unusual there. I began again, putting the red wire with red, and black with black, and the garage door again began to go up and down. I began to get really frustrated.

I put the fixture down, and went into the front room to check on my two-year-old. There he was, pressing the button on the garage door remote I had unwittingly left in the living room. I laughed so hard, I actually fell on the floor. Meanwhile, my son keeps playing with the remote, with the door going up and down, and me rolling on the floor laughing. I finally took it from him, explained what it was, and, of course, gave him something else to play with.

Submitted by: Brknshll