Little Billy's mother knew that her son had been telling a lot of lies as of late.  So she had made arrangements for Little Billy to go over to talk to their priest. The priest had a good reputation for helping people who were compulsive liars.

So Little Billy's mother asks him if he would go over to the parsonage and help the priest with some chores. Little Billy, being a very helpful kid, went over. Upon answering the door the priest asks Little
Billy if he was at church Sunday and, of course, he lied and said yes.

"Well," said the priest, "I guess you saw what happened at church Sunday?"

"Yes," said Little Billy, again lying.

"I guess you saw that big grizzly bear come through the front door and up the aisle grabbing people from their seats and eating them up, every last one of them!" said the priest.

"Yea," said Little Billy.

"Well I guess you saw that little beagle dog come in right behind him," said the priest, "They stared each other down, and then they met right in the middle of the church, biting, scratching, and finally that little
beagle killed that big-o-grizzly bear."

The priest looked Little Billy straight in the eye and asked "Little Billy, do you honest to God believe that story?"

Little Billy said without a quiver "I sure do preacher that was my DOG!!!!"