Underline: Where the quarterback wound up when he tried to sneak for a TD.   

Underweight: To leave before your date arrives

Watchmaker: Someone who doesn't charge extra for working over time.

Seaweed: What the cops expect to do at Tim Leary's home.

Outrank: Smell worse that than the other guy

Undercast: A cotton sheet used to protect the skin from the rough plaster  

Bachelor: An unaltered male

Polynesia: Memory loss in parrots.

Forbid: In favor of auctions.

Outmode: Cut the grass fastest

Install: Items such as hay to make your horse comfortable. 

Vertigo: how foreigners ask for directions.

Overlook: What my wife says I do when a pretty girl walks by

Understudy: Not prepare for the exam

Overtire: Where you put the chains

Outboard: Lumber used in the outer walls of a home.

Outfield: Good crop rotation

Overcast: Get your hook caught on the bushes across the stream.