Someone wondered what kind of messages a wordprocessor would give when exiting without saving the file if the programmer was of one of various Christian denominations:

Non-sectarian: Do you wish to Save your work?

Roman-Catholic: Registry indicates user is female; only males are allowed to Save.

Anglican: Your work may or may not be Saved

Lutherian: If you don't follow the instruction manual, don't expect your work to be Saved.

Mennonite: Document contains the word "dancing"; it cannot be Saved

J. Witness: You are user 144,001; your work cannot be Saved

Mormon: Could we interest you in Saving your work?

Millenarian: It is almost to late to Save your work

S. Baptist: If your work was not Saved, it is because you are evil.

TV Preacher: This program has made mistakes in the past, but it will try to Save *this* file.

Born-again: Before Saving your work, this proram will erase all existing data.  Proceed?

Faith healers: If you believe your work will be Saved, it will be Saved.