A fawn with a hornet?

A policeman with a telegram?
Copper wire.

A canary with a mole?
A miner bird.

A pig with a cactus?
A porkerpine.

A cat with a lemon?
A sourpuss.

A banana with a red silk dress?
A pink slip.

A chicken with a bell?
An alarm cluck.

An Eskimo with a pig?
A polar boar.

A spider with a rabbit?
A hare net.

A ham with a karate expert?
Pork chops.

An owl with a goat?
A hootenanny.

A termite with a house?
An exterminator.

A dove with a high chair?
A stool pigeon.

A tree with a baseball player?
Babe Root.

A parrot with a centipede?
A walkie-talkie.

A rabbit with a kilt?

A dog with a daisy?
A collie-flower.

A hummingbird with a doorbell?
A humdinger..

Telly Sevalas with a pool table?
A billiard bald.

A dog with a chicken?
A hen that lays pooched eggs..

A kangaroo with a sheep?
A wooly jumper.

A gorilla and a sheep?
A nice wool coat, except the sleeves are too long.