A new doctor had arrived in town. He could cure anything and anybody. Everyone was amazed with what he could do - everyone except for Mr. Thomas, the town skeptic.

Grumpy old Mr. Thomas went to visit this 'miracle doctor' to prove that he wasn't anybody special. When it was time for his appointment he told the doctor, "Hey, doc, I've lost my sense of taste. I can't taste  nothin', so what are ya goin' to do?"

The doctor scratched his head and mumbled to himself a little, then told Mr. Thomas, "What you need is jar number 47."

So the doctor brought the jar out, opened it, and told Mr. Thomas to taste it. He tasted it and immediately spit it out, "This is gross, this taste like . . . !" he yelled.

"Looks like I just restored your sense of taste Mr. Thomas," said the doctor. So Mr. Thomas went home... very mad.

One month later, Mr. Thomas decides to go back to the doctor and try once again to expose him as a fake, by complaining of a new problem. "Doc," he started, "I can't remember anything!" Thinking he had the doctor stumped now, he waited as the doctor scratched his head, mumbled to himself a little, and told Mr. Thomas, "What you need is jar number 47, it's......"

But before the doctor could finish his sentence, Mr. Thomas was cured and fled the room. . . .