A few miscellaneous events often overlooked when considering the "BC years"

3050 BC -
A Sumerian invents the wheel. Within the week, the idea is stolen and duplicated by other Sumerians, thereby establishing the business code of ethics.

2900 BC -
Egyptians create Sphinx, one of Seven Great Wonders of the Ancient World, but refuse to talk about it.

1850 BC -
Britons announce Operation Stonehenge a success after arranging slabs in sufficiently meaningless pattern to confuse "the learned" for centuries.

1785 BC -
The first calendar is introduced by Babylonian scientists.

1768 BC -
Babylonians experience winter in June.

776 BC -
The world's first known money appears in Persia. World's first known counterfeiter appears in Persia next day.

525 BC -
The first Olympics are held in Greece. An eastern block country enters six footer with a mustache in women's shot put.

410 BC -
Rome ends the practice of enslaving debtors, removing biggest single obstacle to the development of the credit card.

404 BC -
The Peloponnesian war enters 27th year because neither side can find a treaty writer who can spell "Peloponnesian."

214 BC -
Tens of thousands of Chinese people complete 1,500 mile long Great Wall. Neighbor's dog gets through.

1 BC -
Calendar manufacturers argue over what to call the next year.