"Are there any prayer needs today?" I asked during a worship service. One person mentioned a neighbor who was sick. Another spoke of a couple with financial problems. A young man asked us to pray for the family of a friend's grandmother who recently died. After hearing what seemed to be all the requests I said, "If there are no other needs then let us bow our heads and pray."

Shortly after beginning the prayer, I felt something tugging on my pants leg and at the same time heard a loud whisper: "Preacher. Preacher. "I 'needs' something too!"

Still speaking, I slightly opened one eye and took a peek. A little boy was on his hands and knees below me, tugging on my pants leg as hard as he could and earnestly whispering: "Preacher, I 'needs' something too!"

The choir members behind were beginning to lose their composure and I could hear giggling in the background as the boy continued tugging on my pants and was by now speaking loudly: "Preacher, I 'needs' something!"

"Oh no!" I thought to myself. "In my arrogance and pride, had I ignored the needs of a small child? Maybe he knew of someone who was ill that we needed to include?" Feeling guilty and ashamed, I stopped the prayer and gently asked the young boy: "Yes son, what do you need?"

"Preacher, I 'needs' to go to the bathroom!"