family that happened to be very strong in their Baptist faith, decided they wanted to get a pet. They had one requirement -- the pet had to be Baptist, also!

So one day they drove to the pet store where they proceeded to ask the owner, "Do you have any Baptist dogs for sale, by any chance?"

Surprised by the question, the pet shop owner looked around his shop and thought about it for a while and finally nodded, saying,

"Wait... a.... minute......  yes, I think we just might have a dog that could fit your description."

The owner walks over to a group of cages and brings out a small dog to the family, and the father says,

"We need to see if this is a real Baptist dog." So the father says to the dog, "Go find a bible."

Unbelievablly, the dog runs out of the pet store, down the street, and into a church ..... returning with ..... of all things .... a bible in its mouth! He runs up to the family and plops down the book at their feet.

Genuinely impressed, the father continues, "Let's see if this dog knows its books of the bible, tho...  'Turn to the book of Psalms,'" he commands the dog.

The dog immediately opens the bible with its snout and paws through the pages .... stopping when it reaches Psalms.

Very pleased, the father buys the dog for his family and they bring it home. The next day, the family has visitors.  Proudly, the family shows off their little Baptist dog and the things it could do.

Finally, the friends of the family ask, "Nice! But, can it do any other tricks that normal dogs do?"

The Baptist father wondered and said, "Hmm, I don't know.  We've never tried any other commands." He then orders the dog, "Heel."

Suddenly the dog leaps onto the father's lap and places its paw on the man's head and starts to pray.

"Wait..... a..... minute!" exclaim the friends of the family.

"That dog isn't Baptist!.....  It's Pentecostal!"