There were two boys who agreed to go and pick up some nuts in the woods. When they were done, one had more than the other, so they agreed to divide them up before going home. They took the short cut home, and cut through the cemetery. At the edge of the cemetery was the road to town and along the road ran a wooden fence that blocked the view of the cemetery from the road. They sat down by the fence and dumped the sacks of nuts on the ground to divide them up. When they did, two nuts went under the fence and out down to the road. The one boy said, "that's ok, we will get those two nuts after we finished counting out these. One for you, and one for me, one for you, one for me."

In the mean time another boy was walking down the road going to town, and when he came by to the cemetery he could hear the two boys on the other side counting, "one for you, and one for me." He could not see them and became very scared, and started to run to town.

When he was coming into town there was an old man sitting on his front porch. He called out to the boy, "why are you going so fast?" "OH!! the LORD and the devil are out in the cemetery dividing up the souls," the boy said. The old man said that he did not think so, but the boy said it is really true.

The old man picked up his cane and said to the boy, "come help me to get up and we will go see about this." Very slowly and painfully, the old man went down the road with the boy's help to the cemetery.

When they got to the cemetery they could hear the voice counting. And the voice says, "One for you, one for me. And now that we finished dividing these, we will get the other two out there in the road."




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