Three cowboys buy tickets to the Olympics thinking the tickets include airfare and entry to all events. When they arrive at the Olympic Stadium, they discover their tickets were for airfare only and can't get in.

The first cowboy, however, notices that all athletes are going in a side gate, so he says to the other two, "Boys, I think I figured out how we can get in."

He strips to his shorts, grabs a manhole cover, puts it under his armpit and as he gets to the security guard at the athletes gate he says, "Nick, Canadian, discus thrower." He gets in.

The second cowboy strips to his shorts, pulls out a fence post, puts it on his shoulder and as he gets to the security guard he says, "Mike, Canadian, pole vault." He gets in.

The third cowboy strips to his shorts, runs across a field and comes up to the guard all cut up, bleeding and wrapped in barbed wire and says, "Alex, Canadian, fencing."