You can properly pronounce all of the following, and without laughing:  Eufaula, Pushmataha, Okemah, Tishomingo, and Chickasha.

You know that the true value of a parking space is determined not by the distance to the door, but rather by the availability of shade.

A tornado warning siren is not necessarily cause for alarm. (It's  usually just your signal to go out in the yard and look for the funnel.  Fun for the whole family.)

If you've ever had this conversation with a friend: "Y'all wanna Coke?" "Sure." "What kind ya want?" "Dr. Pepper."

You've used most of the following words/expressions in daily conversation: "reckon"; "plumb" (e.g., "plumb stove up," "plumb fed up," "plumb sick and tired," etc.); "Howdy"; "I swan" (in lieu of "I swear");
"fixin' to"; "See y'all later" (alt., "Y'all behave yourselves!")

You understand most of the following concepts and expressions: dry county; The B.C. Clark Christmas jingle;  "Once saved, always saved."; "Go Sooners!";  "Shoot far (fire) and save the matches!"; Vacation Bible School;  Peppered cream gravy on everything, please, Ma'am;  "Just open all the windows and git in the

You understand that Oklahoma is a Southern, Southwestern, and Midwestern state-all at once and this is not a contradiction in your mind.

The local paper quickly covers national and international headlines on the front page, but requires 6 pages for sports and 2 pages for local church news.

You know more than one woman who has used an Oklahoma University football schedule to plan her wedding date.

You don't find it in the least bit odd to see "chicken fried chicken" on a menu.

You know the difference between "Durant" and "Doo-rant," and you also know which state has a "My-am-muh," and which has a "My-am-ee." (Miami)

A BMW is not nearly the status symbol as is a Ford F150 4x4.

You don't find it in the least bit odd to find video rentals, ammunition, and live bait all in the same convenience store.

You know all 4 seasons by heart: Tornado, Summer, Still Summer, and Christmas.

You can't always remember which year your sweet Mama was born, but you can rattle off the years of all the "terrible hot" summers in your lifetime lickety-split.