..Your glasses fog up when you step outside.

..You were in high school before you realized that Catholic and Public were not the two major religions.

..You will eat foods that are purple, green & gold.

..Your baby's first words are "boudin"

..You're at Mardi Gras when it starts to rain and you cover your drink rather than your head.

..You take Community Coffee & Tabasco with you on vacation.

..You are not alarmed at finding plastic dolls in your pastry.

..You eat cracklins for breakfast.

..All the people in public office are known as "Dud, Moon, Cat, Duffy, or Dutch."

..You keep newspapers not for recycling but for tablecloths at crawfish boils.

..You know that the best doughnuts are square and have no holes.

..You exhibit "doubloon reflex" by stomping on a runaway quarter with your foot.