Yeah, let's make it harder for cities to sponsor events like this.

In San Diego County, the ACLU threatened to sue over a $21,000 grant given to the Green Oak Ranch for capital improvements because the ranch is run by a Christian ministry. The ACLU said in an Aug. 2 press release that the grant violated the "No Aid Clause" of the California Constitution, which bars direct aid to religious entities even if the money is for non-religious purposes.

The ranch has long been used for events involving local governments and charities. In May 2005, for example, the ranch hosted a county-sponsored Foster and Kinship Family Celebration.

The ACLU's interpretation of the statute, along with decisions by liberal courts, discriminates against religious organizations while allowing aid to non-religious entities. That's tantamount to an official pro-atheistic policy. This flies in the face of the First Amendment, which bars establishment of religion, including the narrowest faith of all, atheism.

San Diego County Supervisor Chairman Bill Horn, who sponsored the grant, is probably on a wanted poster at ACLU headquarters. His Web page has a photo of him presenting a proclamation honoring the Boy Scouts and another of him observing the National Day of Prayer. A public enemy, to be sure.

Green Oaks is used by many groups, according to its chairman, who told a local news station that "beneficiaries can be religious, non-religious, atheists, evangelicals, it doesn't matter."

Well, it still matters to the ACLU, whose work is never done.

From coast to coast, the liberal hostility to Bible-based faith knows no bounds. Maybe it's time for the psychiatric profession to add "theophobia" to the manual of mental disorders.

It does seem to interfere with normal, rational thinking.

Robert Knight is a Senior Fellow for the American Civil Rights Union and a columnist for The Washington Times. ACRU researcher Greg Rohrbough assisted with this article. 

Publication date: September 6, 2011