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It's gospel but is it Gospel? - PART 2

  • 1999 2 Nov
It's gospel but is it Gospel? - PART 2
Now back to the subject at hand. Did Ms. Vanzant really sell all those CD's? Certainly. Could it be that her mass appeal transcends ecumenical stereotypes and boundaries? She is certainly connecting with people. Her concert at New York's Beacon Theater enjoyed three sold out shows.

This is a gospel CD. The hard question is whether or not this is a Gospel CD? Did we as the Church actually run out and patronize this concept or maybe better yet, should we?

I personally know three of Ms. Vanzant's guest artists and can attest to the fact that their musical and ministerial integrity walk hand in hand. They would not jeopardize either by attaching their name to a questionable entity. I have played "In the Meantime" on my Urban Gospel broadcast for and have received positive feedback. Should these artists have allowed their material to be used on this project? Should we as Christians support it?

I can make a case for either side of the fence. There are some who will say, "What an opportunity to reach out and get people involved with incredible Gospel artists like Donnie or Yolanda and therefore with THE Gospel!" Others will say, "This doesn't present the Gospel. It's that inspirational, self-help deception and we Christians shouldn't support it!" Are these comments coming from seasoned Saints of the Most High or new converts? I don't care to guess, quite frankly.

This is a VERY complex issue, one that should cause us to think. The thinking is more important than the judgment. The issue is not really about this CD. It's about how we as Christians filter or evaluate what we are told. Just because something is a #1 selling gospel album or Christian book, should we accept it?

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