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  • 2002 29 Aug

Think there isn’t a fresh and meaningful way to make yet another worship album based on the psalms?   Well, Shane Barnard and Shane Everett have done just that with their first effort as an acoustic worship duo.   Though Shane Barnard might be the more recognizable name because of his past independent efforts, both men demonstrate equally impressive abilities for passionate vocals and impressive guitar work on plaintive ballads like “Revive Me” as well as on uplifting tunes like “Breath of God.”


Actually, only seven of the 14 (you get your money’s worth on this one) tracks come directly from the Book of Psalms.   Other songs like “Waiting Room” and “Hosea” also paint powerful lyrical images, showcasing the depth of Barnard’s songwriting ability.   Honest, intimate and reflective, this is one album that definitely stands out among the growing number of worship recordings out there.