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Trisha Yearwood -- Inside Out

  • Matthew Turner Music and Entertainment Editor
  • 2001 8 Jun
Trisha Yearwood -- <i>Inside Out</i>
Trisha Yearwood -- Inside Out

For Trisha Yearwood the last 10 years have been highlighted by professional success. She has seen a long string of No. 1 hits in the country music market and has even seen her music cross the border onto the pop charts. Yearwood has such an honest approach to her records. Her voice is convicting and at times, it mesmerizes the listener. Her latest effort, Inside Out, continues the fairytale story with great songs, gut-wrenching truths about life and that voice.

Trisha doesn't write her own songs, but has always been able to find some of the most talented songwriters in the industry to convey where she is in life. The opening song, Love Alone, is a fun, mid-tempo number that stresses how simple love always wins out in the end. The radio hit, I Would've Loved You Anyway, is about how emotional love-gone-wrong can be. Trisha's vocals on this song show her power, yet it doesn't lose her simple approach to a tear-drenched love song.

One thing's for sure, Inside Out, is not your cliched country album, yet it does include classic characteristics of the purest of country music. Yearwood's duet with Don Henley claims the simple desire of needing to know the one you love Inside Out. Henley's sweet harmony is a welcome addition to an already strong song. Written by Bryan Adams and Gretchen Peters, this title song brings back memories of Yearwood's earlier collaboration with Adams on Walk Away Joe. For A While is a laid-back look at love and relationships. With lyrics like "Late at night I write my own movie, and I am the star when I close my eyes, Except I look like Julia Roberts and you're just the poor jerk that I walk on by" one gets a good idea of Trisha's almost sarcastic look at her own relationships.

Trisha Yearwood is one of those artists that make it solely on the merits of their vocal ability. Inside Out is one beautifully crafted album that revolves around the strength of Yearwood's talent.

In a phrase: Trisha, even if this album had been less than perfect ... I Would've Loved You Anyway.


Production: A
Content: B+

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