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The wonder of Easter

  • Marilyn Hershey
  • 2003 16 Apr
The wonder of Easter
Every Easter, I have a tradition.

Early in the morning when the dew is still fresh on the grass, when the kids are asleep and the birds are starting to sing, I take a walk through my flower garden. It's not a long walk, and believe me, it's not the most immaculate garden in the valley. But it's not the flowers and weeds that encourage me to get my feet wet at that time of morning. It's the wonderment and magic that Easter morning brings.

Besides the distant hum of the milking pump in our barn and the birds passing notes back and forth from tree to tree, the earth is tranquil. And it makes me wonder how creation reacted the morning Christ arose? And once the wondering starts for me, well, I just wonder one thing after another:

I wonder, what were the birds singing when a grieving Mary Magdalene came to the garden to spread spices over her Lord's body?

I wonder if the earth could feel her frustration when she realized He wasn't in the grave where she left Him?

I wonder if the flowers bowed to the ground as Mary fell at her Masters' feet after hearing her name?

I wonder, were the trees dancing as she ran to tell the others the good news?

This year, I had my traditional morning early, just to make sure I didn't miss anything enlightening for this article. And you know, it wasn't any different than last year's walk in the wet grass. In fact, it was very much the same. The birds were singing their morning praises, the tulips were starting to open after their night's closure, the sun was gently chasing the shadows away, and my feet were cold and wet.

It made me realize that every day is an Easter morning for this earth. Every morning creation awakens and celebrates the beauty and magic of another day!

Celebrating Easter is a monumental event and worthy of a national holiday. But I think every day is worth celebrating Jesus. Of course, it would be good for me to remember that more readily, not just on Easter morning.

There's a lot of mystery to contemplate on Easter and someday this farm girl hopes to wonder all of that on Jerusalem soil. But until I do, I'll just keep rising with the cows on our Pennsylvania farm.

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