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Don't Exaggerate Your Qualifications

  • Dan Miller
  • 2011 10 Oct
Don't Exaggerate Your Qualifications

A few days ago I received a note from a friend who is now in the “social media business.”  Unfortunately, that has become one of those glamorous sounding careers that has no agreed upon qualifications.  Part of her proposed service would be to write blogs for me. 

Just a note – while many people have ghostwriters for their blogs I have never entertained the idea.  I love to write personally and have no end of ideas eager to leave my brain.

Anyway – here is the first line of her promotion to me:  “Dan, myself and my creative team works with small business entrepreneur’s and media communicators, helping them to achieve their overall on-line and off-line strategic objectives and personal goals.”

Okay, let’s just take the first phrase and break that down a little:  “Dan, myself and my creative team works with small business entrepreneur’s and media communicators……………”

Oh, please, please stop – I can’t take any more.  You’re going to WRITE for me??

If you are going to offer a product or service I would suggest you at least give the appearance of being able to deliver some semblance of quality.  Don’t show up for my “chauffeured ride to the airport” on a tricycle.  And don’t sell me a tune-up on my sports car when you have a plastic tool kit. 

Yes, I’ve often talked about how easy it is to position oneself as an “expert” but there has to be some basis for making that claim.  Stick to what you know well.  Don’t pretend to be something you’re not.

What’s your favorite story of someone exaggerating their talents?

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