Discover the Book - Apr. 14, 2008


MONDAY: Know What Christ Did


That which we have seen and heard we declare to you, that you also may have fellowship with us; and truly our fellowship is with the Father and with His Son Jesus Christ.

1 John 1:3, emphasis added

The greatest power unleashed in Jesus is that He is now available anywhere, anytime, and to anyone. Look at all the chapters in the gospel by John where Jesus was meeting people right where they were—just as He does today:

  • Attending a wedding, Jesus rescued the servants when the wine ran out (2:9). The Lesson: You can bring your emergencies to Jesus.
  • Approaching the paralytic lying on the ground, Jesus healed him when he was hopeless and helpless (5:6). The Lesson: You can bring your limitations to Jesus.
  • Coming across the waves to a storm-tossed boat, Jesus quieted the fearful disciples (6:17-19). The Lesson: You can bring your fears to Jesus.
  • Crying out for anyone who thirsts to come to Him, Jesus promised to give “rivers of living water” (7:37-38). The Lesson: You can bring your longings to Jesus.
  • Confronting His disciples with their dirty feet and hearts filled with pride, Jesus washed away their sin (13:5-15). The Lesson: You can bring your besetting sins to Jesus.
  • Assuring His disciples when they had troubled hearts, Jesus promised that they had a future mansion with Him in heaven (14:1-6). The Lesson: You can bring your future to Jesus.
  • Standing on the shore when Peter needed restoration, Jesus lovingly inspired Peter to greater service for Christ (21:15-18). The Lesson: You can bring your failures to Jesus.

I encourage you to go back through the above list and pause on the bold action statement at the end of each point. Think about what Christ wants to do in your life personally. It can help cement these truths in your mind if you say each of them out loud: “I can bring my emergencies to Jesus; I can bring my struggles to Jesus”; and so forth. Believe that He is just as near to you, and ask for His help!



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