Upside Down - Ed Young Television Devotional - 9/20

Ed Young Television Devotional

Upside Down


Have you ever been upside down? Maybe it was on a roller coaster. Maybe it was while you were exercising. Most of us, at some point in life, have experienced what it is like to be upside down. But we don't remain upside down, because if we do, we will die. We aren't designed to be upside down.

Many of us, if we are honest about our lives, are upside down - emotionally, relationally, or spiritually. We are living in a way we were never designed to live. The great news is that we don't have to remain upside down. Jesus, God's only Son, came to earth to turn our lives from upside down to right side up. 

Have you accepted Him into your life and experienced that shift? Have you helped others in your life experience it as well?


Thank God for sending His Son so that we can live a right side up life. If you haven't experienced that, you can pray to accept Christ now, and experience a right side up life forever!


Look at a picture that you love. Now, turn that picture upside down. As you look at it that way, pray for God to help you turn those upside down areas of your life right side up.

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