This book really came out of a real God-moment experience that I had in Indianapolis in 2007 that released me to write this timely book. Secondarily, 'Confessions' came out of my own painful experiences in 27 years of full-time ministry and yet not giving up when I surely felt to do so.  

I've read stats from Barna and Focus on the Family that say, "80% of pastors quit the ministry in their first five years" and that "1,200 ministers leave the ministry each month." My heart beats for hurting pastors and their families. Who ministers to the pastor today? Where does the minister go for help?  

I believe this book will help bring hope, encouragement, strength, and renewal to pastors who will then begin to open up and talk transparently with their peers and begin then to truly support one another rather than compete against them behind their lone-ranger masks. 

Specifically in the past 5 years God has used some very painful incidents to birth this book to be of help to others in the body of Christ...whether in thepulpit or in the pew. We have a plateaued American church because we have plateaued people and plateaued pastors who all desperately need a spiritualrefreshing from God. This is a book about hope, faithfulness, and integrity.

1. Critics might say the title sounds like you are really insecure? What do you say? 

The title might be construed by some to be negative in nature but the book is actually very positive, faith-filled and encouraging! Am I insecure? SURE! Aren't we all too some degree and in differing areas? I believe our insecurity is a byproduct of the fall of man from God and into sin. The insecurity in us all is due to our sin nature which separates us from God.

The GOOD NEWS is that Jesus came to bridge that gap and become our security. This book is all about slaying the dragon of insecurity, sin, evil, and bitterness so that we can be free to live our life to the fullest extent in God's will and His incredible journey He has planned for us. 

2. Is this book kind of a downer?

This book is far from being a downer. This is about getting back up when you get knocked down.

3. How will this book help a pastor? 

This book will help pastors to become more confident, secure, and encouraged to tackle all that life brings across their paths. This book will open updialogue between pastors with their peers. 'Confessions' will build a pack of pastoral finishers rather than quitters. 

For their lay persons the book will help them better understand how to encourage and pray for their pastors. The book could do wonders when read and used in a small group format with the provided SG questions with a leadership/deacon board, pastoral staff group, or even intercessory prayer groups who pray for their pastors. 

Mark Elliott grew up in the foothills of southern Indiana. He came to know Christ at the age of nine when his alcoholic father and dysfunctional family began attending a small country Baptist church. Dr. Elliott s education includes a B.S. in Pastoral Ministry from North Central University, an M.A. in Biblical Literature from the Assemblies of God Seminary in Springfield, Missouri, an M.A. in Religion from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School in Deerfield, Illinois, and a Doctoral of Ministry degree from Grace Theological Seminary in Winona Lake, Indiana. Elliott is currently the pastor of New Life Community Church in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. During a 25-year career in pastoral ministry he has written and produced religious radio broadcasts, and contributed articles for several magazines and books. Visit his website at

Rev. Phil Miglioratti is a longtime Southern Baptist pastor, and currently the director of the National Pastors Prayer Network and the facilitator of networks for the CPLN. Phil also serves as the managing editor of The Praying Pastor. Visit and the Praying Pastor blogspot.
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Original publication date: July 8, 2009.