Anchorman 2 showcases one news-related gag after another, with oddly inserted but extremely funny segments involving a vehicle accident, a shark and, well, you get the drift. This is not highbrow comedy. By the time of the extended, star-filled finale (several well-known comedians have cameo roles during the film's climax; they're listed in the credits, but I'm not including their names in this review so as to enhance the enjoyment of their appearance), you won't much care whether Ron works things out with Veronica and shows he's a good dad by attending his son's piano recital.

Anchorman 2 isn't appropriate for younger family members, and it's certainly not essential for anyone else. But those looking for some laughs won't be disappointed in Ferrell's latest. News flash: It's one of 2013's more successful comedies.

CAUTIONS (may contain spoilers):

  • Language/Profanity: Lord’s name taken in vain; “a-s”; “buttless chaps”; jokes about pornography; derogatory ethnic and racial comments; “hymen”; “b-tch”; accusation about children being made gay; talk of strip clubs; joke about a coma; “poop”; “s-it”; “tramp”; “whore”; reference to PMS; the “f”-word; references to male and female genitals; “man fluid”; masturbation joke
  • Drinking/Smoking: Beer drinking; discussion of crack, and demonstration of how to smoke it
  • Sex/Nudity: Kissing; verbal reference to nipples; Ron gives inappropriate sexual advice to his young son; a woman’s rear end (in underwear) is pressed against glass; men shown in their underwear; Ron asks God why personal and professional setbacks have occurred; one of Ron’s colleagues is aggressively physical in expressing his enthusiasm; Ron and a woman are shown in a few poses having sex, but the shots are designed for laughs
  • Violence/Crime: Shark attack; violent verbal threats during heated arguments; a car accident in slow motion; punching; a hockey stick punctures and eyeball; explosions and gunfire
  • Religion/Morals/Marriage: Joke involving the wise men; a character says he has had four wives and six or seven children he doesn’t have time to talk to; the ghost of Stonewall Jackson presents a threat to Ron and his friends; a character says he knows he’s going to burn in hell; a reference to a unique form of providence

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Publication date: December 18, 2013