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Liberty University Online Education

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Reasons to Choose Liberty
  • The world's largest Christian university
  • More than 40 degrees available
  • Among the lowest in tuition and fees in the nation
  • Generous transfer credit for prior learning and life experience
  • Excellent student services and support
  • Federal financial aid available
  • Regional and degree specific accredidations
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Online Students Share Their Liberty Experiences
Online Students Share Their Experiences
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Student Stories
Hear what students think about learning with Liberty University Online
1st Sgt. Everett Gilliam
Jacksonville, North Carolina
Bachelor of Science in Business Management
I equate learning through Liberty University with joy. I have thoroughly enjoyed being a part of a milieu saturated with the word of the Lord; a place where like-minded individuals can walk into courses that enable us to reach our spiritual destiny. I have been involved in lifelong learning efforts for the past fifteen years. My time, as a student with Liberty University, has been memorable and rewarding; an endeavor that I will always be grateful to have experienced. As senior military personnel, Liberty University’s courses, spiritual tone, and guidance, have enabled me to glean information that has polished my individual tools and added to my skills for success. I have been able to implement learning into teaching others, into leadership capacities, and my career as a whole. With God as my strength; with a remarkable academic institution; with excellent leadership and instruction, I have been able to keep my eyes on the prize and finish THIS race, so that I can continue to be used, as a Champion for Christ.
LaVerna Greenlee
Dallas, Texas
Bachelor of Science in Multidisciplinary Studies
This is only my first year with Liberty, but I have to say it has been incredible. I am an online student, but I still feel part of the school. My advisors and professors are wonderful and encourage me every step of the way. I have yet to meet anyone who has exhibits less that Christlike character. This is very important to me because as I strive to get my degree it is such a blessing to have emails and posts coming everyday saying that someone is praying for you.

As I enter the education field I can only hope that I too can exhibit the characteristics that have been shown to me by everyone at Liberty. I want to mentor the next generation of champions for Christ and pray that I do the job as well as it has been shown to me.
Example: "Gen 1:1" "John 3" "Moses" "trust"
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