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6 Encouragements for Homeschooling Moms

  • Gena Suarez The Old Schoolhouse Magazine
  • Published Feb 28, 2024
6 Encouragements for Homeschooling Moms

Hey, Mama!

You know what? You have more friends than you realize. Let's find out why:

1. You're Loyal. 

Faithful and true is your kind of relationship, and your kids see that played out in your life. They're always watching, and they won't forget.

2. You're Giving. 

If someone is in need, you're the first one with your door wide open. You'll personally go without to ensure another is taken care of. Your children have experienced that firsthand with you. They are learning.

3. You're Truthful. 

Phony is the absolute last thing you are. Even if it hurts, you're going to tell your friend the truth. "Faithful are the wounds of a friend. ..." (Proverbs 27:6) and your kids are witnessing this excellent trait in you.

4. You're Prayerful. 

Recognizing that the Lord is sovereign, you are a committed friend to pray. You wake up at night to pray sometimes. Your kids have been the recipients of many of those heartfelt prayers, and they know it.

5. You're Funny, Yet Serious Too. 

Your wit is sharp and hilarious. You can laugh it up with the best of them, but you can also discern. You know when to chuckle along in response to good humor but also when to impact a louder statement ... with your silent return. Sometimes an awkward silence is the best teacher. Very convicting even if uncomfortable. And your children get to see that balance played out. It's crucial they see it displayed so they can apply it, too. Beyond crucial.

6. You're Gentle. 

No one said you're perfect, Mama. You've had your days. It's why you continue to lean on the Lord who sustains you. The One whose mercies are new every morning. You have determined you will follow likewise because He has been so gracious with you. With your own family, they all know your arms are forever open, ready to forgive. Ready to start again. Like your Lord who is your prime example, your mercies for your family, too, are new every morning. Your children understand they must do the same all the days of their lives.

No wonder you have so many friends. No wonder your kids are going to turn out just fine. Keep your eyes on Christ, your nose in His Word, and your hand on your children's heads. Keep steering. Keep training them up in the way they should go, according to His Word.

You are a good friend; you're also a good Mama. Guess what's coming next? Keep walking, keep the bar high and allow the Lord to prepare you to be the godly mentor you will be in the near future to so many. Your children (and their children) will benefit. And the Lord will keep bringing people into your life for this purpose and more. (Luke 12:48) May the Lord bless you richly, faithful Mama. May God hold you tightly always. 

In Christ, Gena

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