I’ve also found several Web sites that are helpful in the reading aloud department.  Another guest I had in chat was Valerie Jacobsen.  She is the Web mistress for the site, www.valerieslivingbooks.com.  She is also a plethora of information.  In addition, she has a yahoo groups e-list called “bookroom” that is quite informative and loaded with information.  

Another great site is http://hometown.aol.com/BeeME1/bookstore.html.  This is a list of twaddle-free books by reading level. 

It would be impossible for me to list every book site available to home schoolers.  I know I would forget many and feel badly about that.  I will add one more site though, http://www.classicalhomeschooling.org/celoop/1000.html. This is a site with a classical emphasis that lists 1,000 books.   

In our house we have a little stuffed duck that we lovingly refer to as “Fluffy Twaddle.”  He is our book mascot and helps protect our family from allowing fluffy twaddle into our library.  I would like to encourage you to read books to your children that are neither fluffy, nor twaddly. 

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