Parenting advice for parents of teens on Biblical principles for Christian families and resources for new parents, and single parents. Find resources to help you raise your children according to the Bible and Jesus. On Crosswalk you will also find great resources on homeschool and Christian college.

Parenting Teens - Christian Family Resources

Tweenagers - It's Cool to be You!

Teaching Teens the Value of Money

If Your Child Says "I'm Gay"

Tough Love Works: Helping A Child Overcome Addiction

  • Ted Stone and Phillip Barber |
  • September 24, 2004 |
  • comments
What Constitutes Cool

  • Rebecca Hagelin |
  • September 03, 2004 |
  • comments
Young Girl's Letter May Make Modesty the Next Fashion Trend

  • Mary Rettig and Jenni Parker |
  • August 02, 2004 |
  • comments
Teenage Suicide

Starting a Teen Book Study Group

Parent Your Teen with Boldness

Example: "Gen 1:1" "John 3" "Moses" "trust"
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