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High Voltage with Dr. Shelia Isom - Nov 30, 2011

  • 2011 30 Nov
High Voltage with Dr. Shelia Isom - Nov 30, 2011


If you Say it, Do it!

Psalms 111:7 - His acts are characterized by faithfulness and justice; all his precepts are reliable.

One of the things I most detest is when someone tells you they are going to do something and then they don’t come through.  Not only is it frustrating for the one that is expecting, but it’s also a poor example.  I have often heard parents promise their children the moon, using this as a means of discipline but never carry out that promise.  If you say it, then you should do it!  Caution should be taken never to promise something that you know you can’t produce, or don’t really intend to produce.  Not only is it a poor example, but for the Christian it is an extremely bad testimony.  Our character becomes challenged when we act on a whim, or just say something in a moment.

In the scripture David is describing the character of the Lord.  “He is faithful and just; all His precepts are reliable.”  We are to pattern our lives by the Lord Jesus Christ.  He is the example that we must follow.  At the end of the day I want first of all Christ to be pleased with me and for others to have good things to say.   If I say something then it will be my intention to carry out that act with faithfulness. 

All of us can stop right now and think of someone that could be compared to our scripture text.  Thank God there are people who are reliable and we all need those people in our life.   Often it is the simple things that make the biggest impact in the lives of those we touch.  People are affected by our behavior good and bad.   It may take you a real effort to make a change to being consistent and faithful.  It is a behavior that can be learned and practiced.  If you have had difficulty in being faithful in those acts to others, ask the Lord today to help you fulfill those promises. Remember it only takes one impression to make a lasting statement.  So my friend if you say it, then do it!!!


Dear Lord,

We often make mistakes and falter on our word to others.  But I pray today that those reading this simple devotional will realize with your help that words are important and those words tell a story about us.  Give them strength to make the needed changes to be a pleasing example for you.  Lord I thank you for your help today.

In Jesus’ Name,



Dr. Shelia Isom

Experiencing Revival

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