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Fun Christmas Idea #1: Dressing Like Characters From "12 Days of Christmas" Song

Would you like your Christmas season this year to be even more fun than it usually is? If so, then for the next week or so join me here every morning for a new suggestion for something you can do to ensure that you have so much fun this holiday season that next holiday season you'll actually be invited to the parties you'll be crashing this. Before we get started on that, though, allow me to bring you this:

Fun Christmas Idea#1: Go to work every day dressed as a different figure from "The 12 Days of Christmas" song.

Everyone loves this bizarre yet festive song--but how many of us have ever seen it lived out before? Here's your chance to allow your co-workers that pleasure. Just think: For the rest of their lives, whenever anyone you now work with hears that song, they won't be able to stop from popping into their head the visual aides you made them forever associate with its lyrics. Now that's a gift that keeps on giving!

Here are some suggestions for helping you dress like each of the stirring figures from "The Twelve Days of Christmas":

Partridge in pear tree: Cut your hair in the fun uni-shag style that David Cassidy so rocked on the old Partridge Family TV show. Fill your pockets with pears and tree bramble. Done. (While around your slower co-workers, you may want to sing "I think I love you!" to make sure they're not confused about what you're doing.)

Turtle dove: Buy about a dozen of those little pet store turtles. Put some Super Glue on their shells. Attach turtles to clothes. Then put on a long-sleeve shirt, cover its arms with Elmer's glue, and jam both arms into a down pillow which you've cut open for this purpose. Go.

French hen:  Don a beret. Say nothing but "qui! qui!" all day. Put eggs in all your pockets.

Calling birds: Attach feathers to clothes. Spend day phoning co-workers.

Golden ring: Cover every inch of your clothes and body with gold spray paint. Put your cell phone in your pocket. Program your desk phone to continuously call your cell phone. Don't answer it.

Geese a-laying: Attach feathers to clothes. Lie on floor.

Swan a-swimming: Attach feathers to clothes. Fill up kitchen or bathroom sink with water. While making loud honking noises, splash everyone who walks by.

Maid a-milking:Skip this one. No need to act unprofessionally.

Lady dancing: Wig optional for guys. Flowing skirt not.

Lord a-leaping: Dress as much as possible like this guy:

Jump a lot.

Piper piping:Bring a bunch of pipe to work. Pretend to be installing it around everyone's desk and cubicle.

Drummer drumming: Bring a drum of your own, or bring drumsticks and drum on everything in the office.

Can you believe all the fun that you and your co-workers will have when you do all this stuff?!

Next time: How to crash a party 

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