Mark Daniels Christian Blog and Commentary

A Prayer for Our Media

Father God, I praise You and thank You for the privilege of serving You through the mass media, and for the magnificent tools You’ve provided for us to communicate, educate, and inform. I pray your blessing and favor upon all those who minister the Gospel through the broadcast, internet, and print media; may You continue to utilize their God-given gifts to draw the unsaved unto Yourself, and edify the saints until the day of Your return. And, as so many servants of the Good News are now facing hard financial times…even, perhaps, the last days of their media ministries…I pray that you might sustain and preserve their important work in our communities, and for Your Kingdom. And for every one that lifts a pen, opens a microphone, sits before a camera, or otherwise makes a living in the media--sacred or secular--I pray that each would come to a saving knowledge of, and transforming relationship with, Your only begotten Son.


Because Lord, those that serve You faithfully through the media are but a remnant. The world has taken that which You meant for good, and used it to destroy reputations, mock the truth, deliver pornography and rob our children of their innocence. Rather than to exalt and encourage, we use our radios, televisions, iPods, computers, and a thousand other devices to pursue sin, and celebrate the misery of others, all in the name of entertainment. 


So Lord, three things I pray, where our media is concerned. One: that You would convict the consciences of those who create, distribute, and profit from media filth; that they might see the damage they have done, and turn from their shameful ways. Secondly, we pray that You would convict each and every one of us to examine his own heart and habits…to consider our own relationships with the media; what we consume, and just how much precious time we give to it …and turn our entertainment entitlement into a passion for prayer, and for the study of Your Word.


And finally Lord, I pray that You might put me out of business. That our hopeful words about Your soon return, broadcast to every corner of the earth, would be replaced by Your very presence here among us. Communicating, not only to our ears and eyes, but directly to our hearts, as You wipe away every tear…for the One Who testifies to these things says, “Surely, I am coming soon.” Come quickly, Lord Jesus. For it’s in Your Name alone I may pray…Amen.