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5 Christian Athletes Who are in the NBA Playoffs

  • Veronica Neffinger

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  • 2017 May 10

Sports fans know that the NBA playoffs are currently going on. Playoff season in any sport is certainly exciting to watch, but Christians who enjoy sports have an extra reason to be excited about the NBA playoffs this year.

According to a report from The Christian Post, at least five NBA players whose teams made it to the playoffs identify as Christians and aren't afraid to talk about their faith.

Who are these athletes? See below!

1. Nene Hilario of the Houston Rockets. Hilario, who is known simply as Nene, plays center for the Rockets. He describes himself as a “man of God” and has had to trust God through trials involving his health and the health of his wife.

2. Bradley Beal of the Washington Wizards. Beal is a shooting guard for the Wizards. He proclaims his Christian faith on social media. His Twitter profile says “to God be the glory” and “blessed.” Beal also credits God with the success he has achieved in his sports career.

3. LaMarcus Aldridge of the San Antonio Spurs. Aldridge plays power forward for the Spurs. Aldridge has a moving testimony: "I came from poverty and a tough household where we didn't have enough money to really eat, to where I am now,'' Aldridge said. "I know it was God giving me the guidance. I am one of His children and He's let me glorify His name with my game.''

4. Steph Curry of the Golden State Warriors. Curry, who is well-known is Christian circles, is a point guard for the Warriors. He grew up in a Christian household and knows that his talents come from the Lord: "The Lord has blessed me with these talents to do something special. But it is not about me. “"That is something that I want my career and my life to be a reflection of — His love and His grace and mercy. Whether it is winning games, losing games, making shots, missing shots — it is all about giving glory to God,” Curry said during a speech he gave at Christian school Liberty University.

5. Kyle Korver of the Cleveland Cavaliers. Korver plays small forward for the Cavaliers. He shares that he had several people in his life growing up who influenced him for the Lord. "I believe God is seeking all of our hearts, and if we are truly seeking His, He's going to take hold of us," Korver said.


Photo courtesy: Wikimedia Commons

Publication date: May 10, 2017